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02nd -03rd February, 2015 at Renaissance Hotel (Powai), Mumbai
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President's Message
Dear Friends,

It is our pleasure to invite you to Mumbai for the 2015 Actuarial Gala Function and Awards(AGFA) evening on the 02nd February 2015 and the 17th Global Conference of Actuaries (17th GCA) on 02nd and 03rd February, 2015. The event organized by the Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) is an event where actuaries and non-actuaries assemble in a global ambience to share thoughts and debate matters that affect the financial services industry in general and insurance industry in particular. It is a great opportunity to witness the recognition of young actuarial professionals along with celebrations on 02nd February, 2015 evening and learn/contribute papers/presentations of subjects that impact the industry at global level.

The GCA organised annually since 1999 is a major event attracting stakeholders in the Insurance and Financial sectors including actuaries and non-actuaries, both as speakers and participants. Since the 13th GCA in Feb, 2011 the event has taken somewhat different scale reaching out to global audience in more ways than one. This has to be seen in the backdrop of India being an attractive destination for global actuarial services delivery - about 1,000+ actuarial resources work on actuarial deliverables that originate from countries other than India. This is aside from the fact that almost all the insurers in India are joint ventures between domestic and global players and there is a strong representation of global players in both the consulting and reinsurance spheres. The 17th GCA builds further on the theme of globalization in terms of the subjects being debated and the speakers who will participate.

We invite you to participate in the 17th GCA as well as 2015 AGFA and also enjoy other parts of India as the weather would be very suitable for trips and excursions.

The Venue of the event: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel in Mumbai is a luxury hotel, nestled on the banks of Powai Lake and is located within close proximity to the Mumbai domestic and international airports.

So, please mark your calendar now and make your travel plans to join us at this exciting event!
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T S Vijayan
IRDA, India

Renaissance Hotel
Mumbai For You

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